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  • Turkey and Cranberry Salad

    The heartiness of turkey, sweetness of dried cranberries, crisp leafy greens, and creamy Boursin Garlic & Herbs Cheese come together to create the perfect salad.

  • Colourful Summer Salad

    …freshness in a bowl! Kick your summer salad into high gear with Boursin cheese, radish & baby greens. A sure fire fast way to create maximum flavor for your guests!…

  • Macaroni Salad

    Make your best macaroni salad ever with Boursin Garlic & Herbs Cheese. The delicate garlic, parsley, and chives folded into creamy cheese melds perfectly with the warm macaroni and serves…

  • Summer Burger

    Change up your Summer BBQ with a dressed-up bite. The Boursin® Summer Burger is a fun and flavorful addition to any occasion. Get prepared to create a burger like no…

  • Mini Hot-Dogs

    Wow your guests with homemade hotdog buns and flavourful mini sausages atop a layer of creamy Boursin.

  • Flat Bread Pizza

    A quick and easy pizza featuring fresh veggies and a slathering of creamy Boursin. Prefer a sandwich? Simply roll your flatbread.

  • Summer

    …grill, we smother, we dip, we crumble, we summer… Oui Boursin! Discover how adding deliciously rich and creamy Boursin can transform your meals and delight your guests all summer long….